GobChartsWidget  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oNGobChartsColoursManages a fixed list of colours used for colouring the graphics items
oCGobChartsBarViewResponsible for drawing BAR charts
oCGobChartsFactoryFactory class responsible for the creation of charts at run-time
oCGobChartsGraphItemsManages associations between graph items and model indices
oCGobChartsGridGenerates and manages grid and axes lines
oCGobChartsLineViewResponsible for drawing LINE charts
oCGobChartsNoCopyInheriting from this class disables copying
oCGobChartsPieViewResponsible for drawing PIE charts
oCGobChartsTextItemA convenience text item class that can resize itself
oCGobChartsToolsWidgetProvides the end-user with the tools to select and customise charts
oCGobChartsValidItemsControls and manages valid model rows
\CGobChartsWidgetMain widget class