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GobChartsBarView Class Reference

Responsible for drawing BAR charts. More...

#include <gobchartsbarview.h>

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GobChartsView GobChartsNoCopy

Public Member Functions

 GobChartsBarView (QWidget *parent=0)
virtual ~GobChartsBarView ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from GobChartsView
virtual ~GobChartsView ()
void drawChart ()
 Displays the chosen chart type.
void legendItemSelected (const QString &text)
 Informs the view that a legend of name "text" has been selected.
void setStateXML (const QDomNode &viewNode, const QDomNode &dataNode, bool includeData=true)
 Set the chart values when loading from file.
QString getStateXML (bool includeData=true) const
 Returns the chart content and settings as an XML QString.
QRect visualRect (const QModelIndex &index) const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
QModelIndex indexAt (const QPoint &point) const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void scrollTo (const QModelIndex &index, ScrollHint hint=EnsureVisible)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void setModel (QAbstractItemModel *model)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.

Protected Member Functions

void generateGraphicsItems ()
 Graphics (chart) items.
bool needsGrid () const
 Grid required (returns "true").
QString typeInteger () const
 Type integer is "0".
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GobChartsView
 GobChartsView (QWidget *parent=0)
bool useFixedColour () const
 Returns "true" if the chart colour is fixed or "false" if random colours must be generated.
QColor fixedColour () const
 If the chart colour is fixed, this function returns the colour used to draw the chart items.
void addToGraphItemsContainer (const QModelIndex &valueIndex, QGraphicsItem *item, const QString &legendText)
 Stores dynamically created graphics items.
int nrValidItems () const
 Returns the number of valid rows in the data model.
QList< int > validRowList () const
 Returns a list of valid data row numbers.
QString category (int row) const
 Returns the category name corresponding to "row" in validRowList()
qreal value (int row) const
 Returns the data value corresponding to "row" in validRowList()
const QRectF & innerSceneRectF () const
 Returns the rectangle corresponding to the "inner scene".
bool isWithinAllowedRange (qreal value) const
 Determines whether or not a data value falls within the allowed data range.
qreal gridWidth () const
 Returns the grid width.
qreal stripSpace (qreal perc) const
 Calculates the amount of space at the top of the view that is "extra".
qreal totalValue () const
 Returns the total, consolidated value of all category values.
QModelIndex moveCursor (QAbstractItemView::CursorAction cursorAction, Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifiers)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
QRegion visualRegionForSelection (const QItemSelection &selection) const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
int horizontalOffset () const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
int verticalOffset () const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
bool isIndexHidden (const QModelIndex &index) const
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void setSelection (const QRect &rect, QItemSelectionModel::SelectionFlags command)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *event)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Slots inherited from GobChartsView
void setLabelDetails (GobChartsLabel label, const QString &text, const QFont &font, const QColor &colour, Qt::Alignment align)
 Set chart label.
void requestLabelDetails (GobChartsLabel label)
 Request a specific label's settings.
void setGridLineStyle (Qt::PenStyle style)
 Grid line style.
void setHorizontalGridLines (bool set, int number)
 Set horizontal grid lines.
void setVerticalGridLines (bool set, int number)
 Set horizontal grid lines.
void setGridColour (QColor colour)
 Set grid colour.
void setFixedColour (QColor colour)
 Fix the chart colour.
void setRandomColours ()
 Use different colours.
void setAllowedDataRange (qreal lowerBoundary, qreal upperBoundary)
 Limit data range.
void setShowTotalRange ()
 Show total data range.
void setDebugLoggingOn (bool logging)
 Debug log.
- Signals inherited from GobChartsView
void lastDebugLogMsg (QString)
 Debug messages.
void emitLabelDetails (GobChartsLabel label, const QString &text, const QFont &font, const QColor &colour, Qt::Alignment align)
 Obtain label details.
void createLegendItem (const QColor &colour, const QString &text)
 Emitted when a new graphics item was created.
void clearLegend ()
 Emitted when a chart is redrawn and its graphics items are reset.
void highLightLegendItem (const QString &text)
 Emitted when a graphics item is selected.
- Protected Types inherited from GobChartsView
enum  GobChartsColumn { CATEGORY, VALUE }
 Expected data model columns. More...
- Protected Slots inherited from GobChartsView
void debugLog (QString msg)
 Log debug messages.
void dataChanged (const QModelIndex &topLeft, const QModelIndex &bottomRight)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void rowsInserted (const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void rowsAboutToBeRemoved (const QModelIndex &parent, int start, int end)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.
void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *p_event)
 Re-implemented from QAbstractItemView.

Detailed Description

Responsible for drawing BAR charts.

This class implements the following GobChartsView pure virtual functions:

  1. generateGraphicsItems()
  2. needsGrid()
  3. typeInteger()

Definition at line 39 of file gobchartsbarview.h.

Member Function Documentation

void GobChartsBarView::generateGraphicsItems ( )

Graphics (chart) items.

This function generates the chart's bar columns and uses the various categories' values to determine each column's relative size with respect to each other and the confines of the available space.

Implements GobChartsView.

Definition at line 49 of file gobchartsbarview.cpp.

bool GobChartsBarView::needsGrid ( ) const

Grid required (returns "true").

Implements GobChartsView.

Definition at line 138 of file gobchartsbarview.cpp.

QString GobChartsBarView::typeInteger ( ) const

Type integer is "0".

Implements GobChartsView.

Definition at line 145 of file gobchartsbarview.cpp.

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